Triton Lumber & Marine Supply is an Exclusive Authorized
Hi-Tide Boat Lifts Dealer:

All Hi-Tide's boat lifts come complete with a superior fit & finish, meaning:

  • NO in the field modifications.
  • NO last minute trips to the hardware store.
  • NO return trips to the job site.
  • All boat lifts come with Product Liability Insurance, covering all aspects of the lift and the boat that sits on it.
  • We have been operating since 1979, proving that we will be here for years to come.
  • Hi-Tide boat lifts and lift accessories have repair parts readily available.
  • Custom fabrication & drawings are available as required.
  • With our foundation of outstanding quality, service, and dependability, we remain the industry leader.
Orders with a combined weight of 150lbs. or more please
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Featuring: Gear Drive Boat Lifts, Yacht Lifts, Topless Boat Lifts, Aluminum Elevator, Barracuda Boat Lifts, Galva-Lift, Galvanized PWL, Galvanized Swinger, Accessories, Davits, Dock Ladders.

Hi-Tide was founded in 1979 with the basic intention of introducing a non-corrosive, light-weight boat lift which would provide for many years of trouble-free service.

With the invention of the first aluminum boat lift, The Rolift boat lift, Hi-Tide has continued to improve and develop the most extensive product line available today. Through vast research and customer input, we currently produce a variety of boat lifts in capacities from 650 Lbs. to 120,000 Lbs.

It is also comforting to know that you are dealing with a manufacturer that has stood behind its product for twenty years, as it will for you in your purchase of your new boat lift.

All aluminum frame: The use of aluminum in marine related industries is not new. In fact, aluminum has been utilized for sea wall construction for over 50 years and is presently used to construct many boat hulls. Aluminum extrusion plants manufacture a grade of aluminum called 6061-T6. This grade is specifically designed to ensure durability and long life in a marine environment, without rusting-EVER.

Factory Pre-Assembled and Tested: Pre-assembly and testing reduces installation time and on-the-job fitting problems. Saving time and money.

Quiet Gear Drive®: Sealed, oil-bath gearbox coupled directly to a motor to provide for a faster, smoother, quieter operation and requires no maintenance.

Top Beam Construction: Top carrier beams allow the lift to sit on top of pilings; transferring the majority of the load of the lift directly downward on the piling, not on the side of the piling.

Twin I-Beam Construction: Top carrier beams utilize twin aluminum I-beams for superior strength. A lift built from C-channel uses much larger members in order to attain the same strength. I-beam construction is more costly, however it allows for a stronger and aesthetically pleasing boat lift. In addition, the drive shaft is mounted on top of the I-beams, allowing the load to bear down on the whole I-beam.

Welded Construction: The structural frame is permanently welded so that there are no bolts to loosen.

Visible Drive Shaft Cable Winding Areas for Safety: It is extremely important to view the operation of your lift cables. Top mounted drive shaft allows for early detection of cable wear and ease of maintenance. Transparent covers are available should you wish to cover the winding areas.

Sealed Heavy-Duty Motors: Sealed motors are directly coupled to an oil-bath gearbox. There are no noisy rubber belts to replace and no open gears to grease.

Weather Proof, Patented "Riches Switches":

Enclosed and lockable switches provide long-life, safety and security.

  • All Aluminum Structure using 6061 - T6 marine grade aluminum for long life and durability.
  • Twin I-beam top carrier beams for added strength
  • All welded construction
  • Aluminum pulleys with greaseable stainless steel axle bolts.
  • Aluminum grooved cable winder sleeves
  • Patented "Riches Switches" with lockable, weather resistant enclosure
  • Stainless steel cables and hardware for longevity.

Barracuda Boat Lift.

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  • X2 - Twice the Speed, All the Reliability
  • See Accessories
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Aluminum Transom Service Platforms
  • Aluminum Catwalks
  • Drive Shaft Covers
  • Limit Switch
  • Lexan Winder Covers
  • Aluminum Bunks
    (Available to 16,000 lbs.)
  • Boathouse Brackets
  • Marina Brackets

Our easily adaptable hoist systems are highly customized, for boats up to 13,000 lbs. Ace has several new designs, allowing us to offer all sizes and price points. Our aluminum lifts can be configured for boat house installation. Ace Aluminum Boat House Kits are easy to install, require no welding, and include aluminum bunks.

Ace’s Delta-style Aluminum Boat House Lift attaches with brackets to standard structural wood overhead beams or can be easily added to new construction when building your new boat house. The Delta comes with your option of three drives — Pilot Direct Drive, PSI Belt Drive, or Classic Belt Drive. The lift is complete with aluminum cradle and aluminum bunks.

Ace’s Galvanized Boat House Kits: 2,800 lbs to 10,000 lbs capacity are available with slings or galvanized cradles. Your choice of two drive systems: Ace Classic Belt Drive, PSI Belt Drive. Ace Galvanized Boat House lifts have set the standard in the industry for many years; there is a myriad of different ways to attach our lift systems to existing and to new boat houses. Call for more Information

SPORTPORT provides a safe and stable platform for easy parking, refueling and engine flushing, even a wash and wax. After playing hard all day, just drive up on the SPORTPORT (not too fast!) and you're docked. The non-skid deck provides stable footing while the multi-chine design* offers minimum resistance when docking and launching. It makes a good fit for all types of watercraft.

SPORTPORT floats with the tide and/or water level changes, so your craft is always ready when you are.

Orders with a combined weight of 150lbs. or more please
call toll free 1-877-647-1400 for shipping & handling prices.